Yoga & Props

You know what I love so much about the practice of yoga? That it does not discriminate. Regardless of one’s age, body type, fitness level, or injury status, there is always a way to adjust yourself into a posture for practice or meditation. And much of this can be credited to the use of props! 

Having your own set of props next to your yoga mat can help you to quickly adjust and enjoy your yoga practice while in class or at home!

Consider purchasing props to help you find greater support and balance on your yoga mat, Props can be purchased at most local department and fitness stores, or even online! Below I have listed some general considerations and recommendations when purchasing.  

For getting started, I recommend. 

  • Yoga mat
    • Standard mat size is 24 inches wide and 68 inches long. Thickness varies, with the average being 1/8 inch (4mm) in thickness. If you prefer more cushion to protect your joints, consider a thicker 1/4 inch (6mm) thick mat.
  • Yoga belt/strap
    • Standard 10 inch long strap with a quick release buckle, rather than a double-ring, is preferred. The release buckle allows for safe and convenient access to easily adjust your belt to your body with postures, avoiding the need to keep making and unmaking loops.
  • 2 yoga blocks
    • Standard 4 inch size foam, or cork, blocks are more versatile than wooden blocks. They allow for greater comfort when using to prop yourself in sitting and lying down positions for longer periods of time. (Go for the 4 inch, rather than the 3 inch. Adds height and stability with balance poses, and way more support and comfort with restorative postures!
  • 2 yoga blankets
    • 2 sturdy, equal in size yoga blankets. Mexican blankets work best. When ordering, it is best to get 2 of the same exact cut/fabric, to ensure symmetry between the 2 blankets
    • Length can vary in size from 74×52 inches to 80×50 inches. Personally, the longer the blanket, the happier I am because it is more versatile!
    • Traditional Mexican Falsa blankets are made of acrylic. For thicker, more durable blankets, I recommend trying out a cotton-arylic-polyester blend. They last longer and are more comfortable.

These props are a great investment for your health and well-being, and will add a lot of depth and creativity to your practice! 

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