DSC02510Sylvie Le, Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner is passionate in providing clinical and therapeutic care for people suffering from musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, chronic pain, stress-related illnesses, and those interested in improving their health and wellness.

As a Physical Therapist, Sylvie recognized the significant trauma that physical injuries were having on the mentality of her patients, repeatedly seeing patterns of depression and anxiety that would either slow or inhibit the healing process. It became evident that in order to enhance recovery and promote long term well-being, individuals required better understanding of their own bodies and minds.

Based on Sylvie’s transformative experience with yoga and meditation, she found her passion in wanting to share the healing effects of these ancient practices with her patients as a complementary system of rehabilitative health. This led her to India, the birthplace of yoga, where she studied to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. She later traveled to Thailand, where she attained her certification as a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.

Heal Body & Being was created with the goal of serving others to realize whole body health and recover from injury, disease and stress-related illnesses through the combination of physical therapy, yoga, and meditation. Sylvie strongly believes it is every individual’s right to be empowered with the knowledge, awareness, and wisdom of their own mind-body connection for optimal wellbeing.

Sylvie is currently traveling around the globe, teaching yoga and meditation, leading workshops, and providing Physical Therapy and bodywork services. She is continuing to study alternative integrative therapies and is completing her studies in Medical Therapeutic Yoga through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute in North Carolina, United States.