Alignment Yoga

  • Yoga classes that blend traditional yoga and physical therapy techniques to facilitate alignment in the spine. Physical alignment helps to create an environment for physical, emotional, and energetic balance. Deliberate sequences safely prime the body find depth and breadth in positions. Props and different variations of postures are used to help modify postures to ensure proper alignment.


  • Hatha yoga is the most traditional form of yoga, and classes include a gentle series of physical postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). Props are often used to help modify postures to ensure proper alignment.


  • Vinyasa flow yoga is a faster paced breath-coordinated-movement practice in which the student is steadily moving and rhythmically transitioning between poses with each breath to increase circulation and heat within the body.

Restorative / Yin 

  • Restorative and Yin Yoga focuses on centering the breath and body by relaxing into supportive postures for extended periods of time. This gentle and meditative practice style provides an opportunity to mindfully observe and bring awareness to the sensations in the body at a deeper level, and is a wonderful complement to the more vigorous yoga classes and customary exercise routines.

Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain

  • A specialized yoga class that focuses on addressing the flexibility, strength, and stability of the spine through traditional yoga postures, breath work, and clinical exercise incorporation. This class is helpful in restoring functional movement and body awareness of the neck and back in relation to the rest of the body so that you can move with more freedom and less pain!

Yoga for Healthy Aging

  • A class designed for all levels to participate, with a focus on poses that are done in supportive positions such as lying down, standing up, or sitting in a chair while using props, bolsters and straps. Classes include gentle stretching to improve range of motion, and slow, low-impact movements to help improve strength and balance. Basic breathing techniques and guided meditations are included. This class is perfect for beginners or those new to yoga!

Chair Yoga

  • A class designed for all levels with a focus on building strength, balance and body awareness by practicing yoga postures using chairs and various props for support.